About the Project

In spring 2024, Supernova group will commence the construction of a new project, Supernova Office Towers, within the shopping center Supernova Buzin in Zagreb. This involves two contemporary office towers with modern office spaces, including 125 external parking spaces and an underground garage with 220 parking spaces. The working office spaces are designed in a "smart" way, providing diverse possibilities for creating an optimal working environment and will be abundant in natural light. The new spaces will be built in accordance with our long-term sustainability strategy and the "Supernova Green Energy" efficiency program, respecting environmentally sustainable components according to ESG standards.

Supernova Office Towers will significantly enrich the Zagreb market with Class A office spaces covering an area of over 15,000 m². The planned construction includes two towers: the first with seven floors and a ground floor, with a total area of 9,696 m², and the second with six floors and a ground floor, with a total area of 5,656 m².


The Supernova Office Towers, a future business center located next to the Supernova Buzin shopping center, enjoys a strategic position on Većeslav Holjevac Avenue, one of the main thoroughfares in Zagreb. This avenue serves as the southern entrance to the city and provides connectivity to the A1 motorway (E71) and the airport.This location offers excellent accessibility to all parts of the city through public transportation and an efficient network of expressways. Within walking distance, approximately 600m away, there is a bus station, and the city center can be reached by car in 15 minutes.

In the vicinity of the new office spaces, there are residential and commercial properties, cafes, restaurants, and shops, especially within the Supernova Buzin shopping center. The construction of a fitness center is also planned, further enhancing the attractiveness of the location for future office users by providing additional amenities that are easily accessible.

Highest Standards of Construction and Design

During the planning and construction phases, we adhere to the guidelines of the American green building certification - LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for sustainable construction, ensuring that the Supernova Office Towers are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. This renowned green building certification system promotes sustainability by maintaining high standards in the design, construction, use, and maintenance of buildings, resulting in increased value, lower operational and sustainable costs, and a positive impact on the environment and human health. In this way, we provide our users with a certified facility that guarantees a healthy working environment in an energy-efficient building.

Special attention will be given to creative and modern landscaping, providing a tranquil work environment that promotes productivity and well-being.

Lease of business premises

A great opportunity for your new office located in the impressive Office Towers Supernova Zagreb Buzin. To learn more about this excellent location for your office space, feel free to contact our leasing department or our reliable partner Colliers using the email addresses provided below.

Our team is ready to provide all the necessary information and assist you in finding the perfect office space for your business.

Željana Krznarić
Nuccia Basanić
Nikolina Halapir

About Supernova group

The Supernova group is a leading private real estate company with a "buy-and-hold" investment strategy focused on high-quality retail properties in Central and Eastern European countries with strong macroeconomic fundamentals. Supernova has been investing in the future for over 20 years with a strong emphasis on sustainability and advanced, top-notch construction.

In Croatia, the Supernova Group manages 16 shopping centers in 11 cities, with over 550 million euros invested in various investment projects. In addition to its presence in Croatia, the group actively participates in the markets of Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, and Romania. With a portfolio comprising more than 110 properties, the total value of the group exceeds 2.2 billion euros.